ANS1410E Unable to access the network path\Win98 restore

1999-05-21 17:25:58
Subject: ANS1410E Unable to access the network path\Win98 restore
From: Eric LEWIS <eric.lewis AT CCMAIL.ADP.WISC DOT EDU>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 15:25:58 -0600
     Hi:  I am testing a bare metal restore using Windows 98, ver
     client.  The client connects to the server and logs in ok.  I issue
     the following restore command:

     res \\smt-supercomp98\c$\ -rep=all -sub=yes

     and it displays

     restoring           0\\smt-supercomp98\c$\adsm98.sys  ** Unsuccessful
     ANS1410E Unable to access the network path.

     We don't think this is a network problem despite the message and no
     errors show on the server activity log.

     The server shows that the client is level 5, I think the last backup
     was done with a level 6 client.

     The GUI B/A client is able to see the restore directory structure and
     I see the new client in it.

     So I tried restoring the dsm.opt file in c$\Program

     to its original location ... in a directory tree that does not yet
     exist on my harddrive and I get the message that the file allready
     exists.  So I say replace it then I get the failure

     Data unavailable to server ... dsm.opt

     and the single file restore prcess completes with the failure
     restoring 0 files.

     This looks to me as if I am in a very buggy situation ... anyone got
     any clues?  Thanks Eric Lewis UW-Madison
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