Re-installing ADSM on NT

2015-10-04 17:43:35
I installed portions of the ADSM ( client on an NT workstation.  One
of the items that was not installed was the 'service install' and scheduler
service programs.  I tried to re-install the full product to cause all
uninstalled items to be added.  Nothing was added.  I then un-installed all
the ADSM products, and deleted the folder, and then reinstalled the product.
Again, the exact same items that had been originally installed were all that
were installed (no scheduler service).  Are there some registry entries (or
something else) that have to be adjusted after uninstalling the product to
get a full install to work??

Any help GREATLY appreciated.

J. Douglas Agnew
Database Administrator
Charlotte Pipe & Foundry
Email: dagnew AT charlottepipe DOT com
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