Re: ADSM server upgrade problem again

1999-05-19 11:13:41
Subject: Re: ADSM server upgrade problem again
From: Jim Hicks <jdhicks AT IBM DOT NET>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 11:13:41 -0400
I had the same problem, to fix, I upgraded my browser (netscape 4.5).  The
web interface for admin functions requires that your browser have java 1.1
support.  Both ie and netscape have this upgrade ability.  For additional
info, see the readme.srv document.  There is detailed info there
for upgrading.

taketoshi ide wrote:

> Hi again .
> I stay having a problem yet  with adsm server  on aix 4.3.1.
> after upgrading from .
> I can't use  Server Command on Adsm Server Administrator , when i try
> to use , i get a message ;
> Applet Command line can't use: Class command line not found .
> What can i do ????
> Many thanks .
> Ide
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