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2015-10-04 17:43:35
we have the same problem some week ago.
The problem is that there is a static route on the ADSM-Server to the CWS. 
the static route to the CWS


"Wm. Boyer" wrote:

> I have a 4-way SP node that is connected via Ethernet. We have a T/R card
> activated on the node that is running the ADSM server that is on the same
> segment as the 3494 library. I followed the installation of the ATape and 
> according to the manual and used the latest drivers available on the IBM site.
> An lsdev -Cc tape shows the 2 drives and the library as 'Available'. When I 
> try
> and access the library using MTLIB, or ADSM I get an immediate error 'Library 
> is
> offline to the host'. There is no message id or anything associated with this
> message. On my 3494 console, I show a LAN definition for this node CTSP_ADSM.
> I can PING the 3494 address from the SP, and when I do a traceroute it shows
> that it's going out my T/R interface, comming right back and no hops. We've 
> had
> our IBM CE looking at this, but he can't figure it out either. I opened an ETR
> on this almost a week ago and have gotten no response from IBM on that.
> Is there anyone on the list that has seen this error before and could lend us 
> a
> hand??
> Thanks,
> Bill Boyer
> DSS, Inc.

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