ADSM Server update problem

1999-05-17 20:07:08
Subject: ADSM Server update problem
From: taketoshi ide <ide AT CCUEC.UNICAMO DOT BR>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 19:07:08 -0500
Hi .

After updating to the latest release  from on aix
4.3.1.  , everthing seems to be functioning except that when i try to
use a Server Command  field on ADSM Server Administrator  , i can't and
see a message ;

 Applet Command line can't start  : Class Command line not found  .

Another problem is when i used a command ;

  dsmlabel -drive=/dev/rmt0

i got a message ,

ANR0000E Error reading message repository for language AMEG .

Can anybody help me to fix this ???

Many thanks in advance .

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