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2015-10-04 17:43:35

   we approached this subject a few weeks ago. We were looking to backup 75gb i
3hrs with 3590 tape drives. This is fine
in BRMS but when you use the BRMS API you only acheive about 3- 4 mb/sec. I
beleive this will not improve until os/400
4.4 is release and then you would only see a 25% increase. We currently use
RS6000 S70 Adsm server and BRMS OS/400

Nigel Crewe
Senior Technical Analyst.
Telewest Communications
From: dburdett AT IX.NETCOM DOT COM, on 13/05/99 07:39:
I have extensive experince with ADSM on the AS/400, but have not used it in
conjunction with BRMS.

If you would like to view the documentation for ADSM on the AS/400, follow
this link:

If I can answer any specific, questions please let me know.

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