Antwort: Documentation and on-line help differs

1999-05-10 06:54:28
Subject: Antwort: Documentation and on-line help differs
From: "Mecki M." <rmeschon AT OTELO.IBMMAIL DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 12:54:28 +0200
Hi Paul,

first I'm interested in which Version you found about 40 options for DEF
(I use and found 28, but still they differ from the printed ones)

I've tested some of those new ones and found out that they will work.(So
the help is the actual documentation, futher help about most of the options
you'll find in 'Using the clients' which is shipped with the clients).

Also I found out that they must be defined from the command line cause the
web admin client menu will not show them!

Using QUERYSCHEDPERIOD I found out how that client option set is processed
and this is interesting:
This option works only after a scheduled operation is performed.
(A restart of the client scheduler won't get this option, and if it was
previously known it will be lost until the next scheduled operation is
performed! -> A schedule refresh also won't get this option!)

As far as I'm not using options that, according to the new help, no longer
exists, I'm sorry that I could not tell if they're still working.

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