EXPORT NODE to virtual volume - dies when tape full?

1999-05-07 18:12:58
Subject: EXPORT NODE to virtual volume - dies when tape full?
From: Alan Cheski <Alan_Cheski AT GULF DOT CA>
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 16:12:58 -0600
Howdy again. I found another wonderful problem with ADSM (anyone keeping
score?). I was able to set-up virtual volumes and start an export node from
server A to server B. But, everytime the export reaches the capacity of a tape
(35GB) it seems that server A can't wait for server B to mount another tape.
Server A tries to send data and server B doesn't respond, so server A spits out
ANR8213E .. aborted due to send error. error 32. And also, ANR9999D
pvrserv.c(848): ServWrite error accessing volume <insert virtual volume name
here> rc=30. Look up these messaqes in the Messages manual and there is no
information on the error 32 or rc 30. Thanks IBM. Anyone have some info that
might help me? All I want to do is export about 90GB of node data from server A
to server B without being Mr. Tape Jockey Man.

Al Cheski
Gulf Canada Resources
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