Re: ODBC ont prompting for userid/password

1999-05-06 10:47:12
Subject: Re: ODBC ont prompting for userid/password
From: "Dusedau, Stefan" <Stefan.Dusedau AT VIACOM DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 10:47:12 -0400
That is what I am doing, and the error happens when opening the ODBC source
in Excel. What platform and ADSM client level are you running. I am running
Win95 with ADSM client V3.1.0.6.

Thank You,

Stefan Dusedau
A Viacom technology service
stefan.dusedau AT viacom DOT com <mailto:stefan.dusedau AT viacom DOT com>

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                At 15:24 06.05.99 +0200, Loon, E.J. van - SPLXM wrote:
                >Hi ADSM-ers!
                >I'm trying the ADSM ODBC interface. I configured the ODBC
data source
                >through the control panel.
                >I then try to create a query. I select the ADSM Data
Resource I created but
                >then I'm again prompted for the ADSM ODBC setup parameters.
When I fill
                >these (Server Name, Server Address and Port) again I
receive a General ODBC
                >Error. This is because it tries to connect to ADSM without
                >userid/password. I expect to be prompted for a
userid/password at this
                >stage, but it doesn't.
                >What am I doing wrong?

                First, create a system DSN through the control panel.
                What I'm doing in Access is to create links to the ADSM
tables through
                the tables menue
                (File -> External data -> Link tabels, select ODBC database
as file type).
                Then I select the created system DSN as a computer data
source (don't
                know the exact term because I use a German version). Then
I'm prompted
                for a ADSM userid and password. I only have to give it once
for each

                Hope this helps.


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