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1999-05-06 08:35:59
Subject: Re: ADSM Capacity Planning
From: "Dusedau, Stefan" <Stefan.Dusedau AT VIACOM DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 08:35:59 -0400
You should also consider network through put. We calculated that our network
would top out at 56gig per hour per interface card on the ADSM server. This
pushed us to additional network cards.

"Remember your mileage will vary." :)

Thank You,

Stefan Dusedau
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                I need to estimate our ADSM growth over the next 2-3 years.

                Currently we backup 30+ AIX servers, with the vast bulk of
data (300+ Gb per
                day) being large files from Oracle and SAP. We are just
starting to add NT
                LAN servers and will soon also need to add LAN servers from
another business
                we recently purchased.

                I've collected data on the existing LAN server's total
capacity, daily
                incremental backup size, total number of files, LAN/WAN
speed, etc.

                Total volume of LAN data is about 200 Mb, with about 5% of
that in each
                daily incremental. About 80,000 files are included in each
incremental LAN

                I assume our ADSM database is going to grow rapidly when we
add the LAN
                servers. If each file requires 5-700 bytes in the ADSM
database then this
                adds up to about 48 Mb per day added to the database! Does
that sound

                How will HSM on the LAN servers effect data size? I assume
it will free disk
                space, which the users will rapidly refill. :)

                I also need to estimate 3590 tape and drive requirements to
suit. We
                currently have 6 3590 drives in a 3494 tape library. I
understand IBM will
                soon offer upgrades to give the 3590's a 20 Gb native
capacity, and double
                length tapes will also be available in the future.

                Does anyone here have any tips on what else to consider?
Have you gone
                through this exercise before?

                Steven P.
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