Re: Formatting of Query Outputs

1999-05-04 15:23:35
Subject: Re: Formatting of Query Outputs
From: "Richard C. Dempsey" <dempsey AT KODAK DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 15:23:35 -0400
Greetings, Leo,

Where do I find a) the ODBC driver to install on my PC,
and b) documentation on how to link in the ADSM tables.
As I understand it, the issue is what to connect to at
the server end. Or does you note presume running the
ADSM server on NT? We're running on Solaris.


At 07:56 PM 5/4/99 +1000, you wrote:
G'day again Trevor, Have a go at installing the ODBC driver and link the ADSM tables to microsoft access. Then you can create quiries and change the format of your output the way you like it. Leo Humar
LCS Pty Ltd
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