moving node data from one stgpool to another...

1999-05-04 14:20:44
Subject: moving node data from one stgpool to another...
From: Ray Harder <ccray AT SHOWME.MISSOURI DOT EDU>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 13:20:44 -0500
SUB:  moving node data from one stgpool to another...

I have seen postings and studied the archives -- the
following question has been posted before, but i cant find
more than a vague answer, so...

 nodeA in domainA which eventually points to stgpoolA
 there exists a domainB which eventually points to stgpoolB
                             which is on a different disk area.
 you issue:  update node nodeA domain=domainB

it appears by my testing and research:
 nodeA does indeed get updated to domainB
 an incremental migration causes changed files to go to
 previously migrated files stay in stgpoolA
 an expire inventory command brings a higher active copy
   count into alignment.
 the node cannot get to the previously migrated files
   since they are in a different domain/storage pool.
 the administrator can delete (or rename) the filespace
   which triggers a full incremental on the client.
 a "move data" command will move some of the data from one
   stgpool volume to another, but you may also move another
   node's data and besides, what about the diskpool
 export/import with update/renames have been rumored to
   work, but also rumored not to work -- sequence is apparently
so, the questions are:
 is there some way to get the prior node data from stgpoolA to
 can a sequence of export/import commands be made to work.
   and if so, what are they.


Ray Harder
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