Re: Large restores (again)

1999-05-03 15:42:35
Subject: Re: Large restores (again)
From: Fredrik Lundholm <exce7 AT CE.CHALMERS DOT SE>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 21:42:35 +0200

> > Hmm, I've observed the effect under Sun Solaris aswell, the problem IMHO is
> > not an ADSM transfer/buffer settings problem as much as (in the case of
> > Sun Solaris, and probably NT aswell)  synchronous meta-data updates
> > in the file-system.
> For Solaris at least, you can make these updates asynchronous.

Thanks, I'll add fastfs to my jumpstart miniroot image! :)
We won't be needing it in solaris 7, but ADSM doesn't support it anyway.

Maybe this should be added to the FAQ :) (yeah, I know, WHICH FAQ!)

> Russell

Fredik Lundholm
exce7 AT ce.chalmers DOT se
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