Re: ADSM V3 Question

1997-12-31 15:03:29
Subject: Re: ADSM V3 Question
From: William Ball <wball AT KENT DOT EDU>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 15:03:29 -0500
You might want to take another look at your manual. Mine says that
parameter is only good for Unix and OS/2 machines. Page 174 Install Guide
for V3 Client

Russell French wrote:

> I was checking out some of the options for the ADSM Version 3 - Win95
> Client and found that option: PASSWORDACCESS now works under WIN95.
> The question I have is: "Does anyone know where ADSM stores the
> encrypted password?", it use to be stored under the extension: .PWD
> but a thorough search for this file came up with nothing.
> Our ADSM server is running V2.1.5.12 on an AIX-RS\6000 system.
> Thanks,
> Russell French
> System Storage Admin.
> University of Missouri

    Bill Ball
    Bill Ball

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