1997-12-31 09:23:45
From: "Moir,Elizabeth" <Elizabeth.Moir AT VM.SSW.ABBOTT DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 08:23:45 -0600
To: OAS     --LMS1

FROM: Betsy Moir (TTCEDM) Ext 85020
      VM Tech Services
      email:  betsy.moir AT abbott DOT com

The following is a problem one of our ADSM users is having with
their NT servers and rights and permissions.  Not being very NT
literate, I'm sending this question out to the list to see if
any of you can help us out here.  Any help will be appreciated .

We installed ADSM on the server using the (NT) Administrator
account which is how the service is run.  I've created one of
the 10 CSA accounts (holveml1) and added that account to the NT
power users group on her server (cedcadsrv01). The power users's
group on the server has the following access:

     Restore files and directories.
     Access this computer from the network

We thought the holveml1 account would then be able to access
ADSM via the Power Users group. This is not the case, however.
Her holveml1 account has full control over the file system so
she can move, delete, add, copy files/dirs but not restore.

I thought maybe you have to be able to backup the files in order
to restore them so I added her account to the backup operators
group as well. I've also added her account (holveml1), the power
users group and administrator group to the root level of the
server but still can't get it to backup or restore.  I get
access denied either way.

If I make her (account) part of the CEDNT domain admin  group,
she can do both backups and restores. Do ADSM users have to use
the same account that runs the ADSM service in order to backup
or restore?  IF so, we will have to re-think this whole setup.

The error message they are receiving is ANS7211E - Access
Denied.  Exactly what are they being denied access to; the file
or the folder?

Thanks in advance for your help, and Happy New Year to you all.

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