Moving the server, transparently

2015-10-04 18:03:07
Subject: Moving the server, transparently
To: Jerry Lawson at ASUPO
Date: 12/30/97 8:41AM
The only place we had problems was with NetWare - the native NetWare TCP/IP
code does not support DNS, and so all of those folks have to direct address -
we don't support the third party name resolution software for NetWare that is
available. Also, the few people that used 3270 had to change their host name,
but, overall, probably 95% of the customer base didn't even realize we had

Jerry Lawson
jlawson AT thehartford DOT com

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Subject: Moving the server, transparently
Date:    12/30/97 8:41 AM

We currently have our server running on a MVS mainframe, and I want to
move it to another mainframe.  In anticipation of that, I had requested
all of the client administrators to change their options for
TCPSERVERADDRESS from either an old logical name "" for
example or a hard-coded TCP address to a NEW logical name.  My purpose
was so that once all clients had made the change, the new logical name
could be switched from MVS system to another MVS system, simply by
having the TCP/IP gurus changing the resolve of that name from one TCP
address to another.  Well, I'm now told that this is not do-able.  How
have other folks done this??
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