AW: Trying to backup Exchange server

1997-12-29 05:22:23
Subject: AW: Trying to backup Exchange server
From: "Hohmann, Roger" <Roger_Hohmann AT MG.MAN DOT DE>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 11:22:23 +0100
We are using ADSM scheduler with PRESCHEDULE and POSTSCHEDULE,
containing following commands (Exchange V.5 german):
PRESCHEDUE <path>\netstop.bat
net stop "MS Exchange Internet Mail"
net stop "MS Exchange Message Transfer Agent"
net stop "MS Exchange-Informationsspeicher"
net stop "MS Exchange-Verzeichnis"
net stop "MS Exchange-Systemaufsicht"

POSTSCHEDUE <path>\netstart.bat
net start "MS Exchange-Systemaufsicht"
net start "MS Exchange-Verzeichnis"
net start "MS Exchange Message Transfer Agent"
net start "MS Exchange-Informationsspeicher"
net start "MS Exchange Internet Mail"

no problems. If you are using /yes-parameter, you don't know what else
nt is doing here, maybe this might be the problem.
> ----------
> Von:  Orin Rehorst[SMTP:rehorst AT POHA DOT COM]
> Antwort an:   ADSM: Dist Stor Manager
> Gesendet:     Sonntag, 28. Dezember 1997 04:15
> Betreff:      Trying to backup Exchange server
> Created batch file to run using AT command:
>         net stop MSExchangeMTA /yes
>         net stop MSExchangeIS /yes
>         net stop MSExchangeSA /yes
>         d:\adsm\baclient\dsmc incremental c: d: -password=xxxxx
>         net start MSExchangeIS /yes
>         net start MSExchangeSA /yes
>         net start MSExchangeMTA /yes
> It shut down Exchange O.K.
> ADSM wouldn't run.
> It started all Exchange services except Internet Mail Service. (net
> start MSExchangeIMS isn't recognized.)
> Please advise. TIA
> Orin Rehorst
> Port of Houston Authority
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