Re: Trying to backup Exchange server

1997-12-28 16:39:08
Subject: Re: Trying to backup Exchange server
From: "Nicholas, Murray, Haltek/AU" <MurrayNi AT HALTEK.COM DOT AU>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 08:39:08 +1100

Two thought occur to me:
1.      which user is running the NT schedule service?  The service needs
to run under control of a user with the appropriate authority to issue
all the commands you have listed.

2.      Can you run the batch file successfully while you are logged on?  I
have encountered problems running a number of commands through the AT
command even though I could happily run them interactively.  Generally
the problem turned out to be that the system was trying to write the
command output to a screen and there was none available.  The solution
was to pipe the command's output to a temp file (e.g.,
"d:\adsm\baclient\dsmc incremental c: d: -password=xxxx >
c:\temp\dsmcinc.log").  This has the added advantage that you are able
to review the command activity later.  In some cases I even found that
I had to put the redirection inside the batch file (as above) and also
on the command line passed to the AT command.  It produces quite a few
log files but they get overwritten each time so it's no big deal.

Murray Nicholas
IT Systems Consultant
Galeforce Information Services Pty Ltd
email:  murray AT galeforce.bu.aust DOT com

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