Re: TCP Buffer problem

1997-12-24 14:42:21
Subject: Re: TCP Buffer problem
From: Leonard Boyle <SNOLEN AT VM.SAS DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 14:42:21 EST
In article <6BB570CE6EBAD0118B6300805FFEE2CF012F3CA2 AT LMIG-MSG-01.lmig DOT 
"Robinson, Cris" <Cris.Robinson AT LIBERTYMUTUAL DOT COM> says:
>Thought I would send out another request for any information regarding
>TCP buffer problems on ADSM servers running NT  v2 r1 level 0.6. (PTF4).
>About once a week the server actlog reports that the TCP buffer is full.
>It can be cleared by halting the server and starting it again or
>rebooting the NT server. This is getting old. The NT OS is 4.0 with SP2.
>Jump right in and let me know what you think or have heard.
>Cris Robinson
>Desktop Services
>Technical Support
>Liberty Mutual Insurance
>cris.robinson AT libertymutual DOT com
>(603) 431-8400 Ext. 54837

Yes we have the same problem. But since we are restarting the server
each morning, we have not noticed it lately.

ADSM support suggest the following trace during the problem may
help debug the problem.

trace enable tcp systime
Leonard Boyle, Mainframe support            snolen AT DOT com
Leonard Boyle, Mainframe support            snolen AT DOT com
SAS Institute Inc.                          [email protected]
Room E206                                   (919) 677-8000 ext 6241
203 SAS Campus Drive
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trace begin path_and_file_name_for_trace

let me know if you find a solution.
PS I wonder if it is fixed in version 3?
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