1997-12-23 13:48:23
Subject: Re: ADSM V3
From: "Michael J. Drees" <drees AT BERBEE DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 12:48:23 -0600
Mike Spencer wrote:
> Good day everyone.  We are evaluating several open systems backup
> solutions, one of which is ADSM.  We do not have any formal software in
> place, and ADSM is one of the vendors being evaluated.  I've done
> several ADSM installs and was the ADSM admin at my last job.  I'm
> trying to get some information on V3.  Has anyone done an install for
> this version?  Because of the higher ups wish list V2 would have some
> problems here, but from what I've read V3 corrects some of these
> issues.  We have approximately 150 clients (5 TB's) and want to
> centralize the process to one server (RS/6000 R50 or J40) with an STK
> silo with Eagle tape drives and tapes (would be a timberline and 3490
> tapes until the Eagle comes out).  Any feedback on V3 would be of great
> help.  Thanks.
> Mike Spencer
> cps.mspencer AT DOT com

Hello Mike,

We just completed a complete conversion to V3 ADSM this past month.
So far, we haven't experienced any major bugs.  We are currently
backing up Novell (15), NT (10), OS/2(1), and RS/6000 SP2 Nodes (32)
with no serious problems.  Enhancements to the client GUI's is worth the
upgrade. We also saw a significant performance boost since the upgrade.

I can offer the following comments:

1.  Print and read the README files as the install guide is
    full of bugs.
2.  Be careful when enabling the central event logging function
    (ie., sending client events to the server activity log) as
    this can overrun your database in a hurry.  Increase the size
    of your database before doing this.
3.  The ADSM scheduling function continues to be the weak link
    in the product.  We will be using a third party tool due to
    the many problems encountered.
4.  Document your device config. in AIX as you will need to
    reconfigure after the install.
5.  The UNIX GUI is gone for ADSM, the web browser piece works OK
    but needs a little work.

We are currently adding a second server to handle Oracle database
backups as files tend to be large (>250 MB).  The server stresses
with large files.

Hope this helps.
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