Re: Restore files remotely

1997-12-23 09:47:08
Subject: Re: Restore files remotely
From: Doug Thorneycroft <dthorneycroft AT LACSD DOT ORG>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 06:47:08 -0800
On the remote client, you can use set authorization to allow a local
client to restore and retrieve the files for the client. Once a local
client is authorizes, you can restore files to the remote client from a
local client using the -fromnode option on the command line, or using
"display drives for node" option in the utilities menu of the backup

We have found that on large restores, it is faster to restore the files
to a
local drive (We have space on our ADSM server for this purpose, this
allows us
to restor directly from our tapes to disk, and bypass the network
altogeather) then
copy the files from the local to the remote.

Johan Pol wrote:
> Dear reader,
> Is there anyone who can explain me, how i can restore files at a
> remote server.
> That server is located at the other side of the world.
> I can get a connection to the administrative client at the backup server
> located there. Is there a way to restore files by that tool ? And how ?
> An other solution, is to do it by the Webshell.
> But for that the Webshell need to be running at the server.
> So, how will i start the Webshell at a remote server, because i can't
> start the Webshell as a service at our servers.
> We are using ADSM V3 for NT4.
> Hopefully someone can help me.....
> Thanks in advance,
> With kind regards / Met vriendelijke groeten,
> Johan Pol    Zoetermeer    +31-79-3223051 (fax 79-3213989)
> Profs    : NLX2936(UITVM1)
> Internet : Johan_Pol AT NL.IBM DOT COM
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