Local TapeDrive

1997-12-23 07:22:43
Subject: Local TapeDrive
From: Kenneth Hansen <clean77 AT HOTMAIL DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 04:22:43 PST

I'm running NT 4.0 and ADSM v3
I have one locale tape drive (Exabyte 8200)
Defined like this:
1: define library manuallib libtype=manual
2: define drive manuallib tapes1 device=\\.\tape0
3: define devclass dev_class devtype=genericetape library=manuallib
   estcapacity=2300m mountlimit=drives
4: define stgpool localetape dev_class maxscratch=100

Pleace let me know it I have done eny thing wrong.


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