Re: BackupExec and ADSM

1997-12-22 17:39:51
Subject: Re: BackupExec and ADSM
From: Terry Allan <tallan1308 AT EMAIL.MSN DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 17:39:51 -0500
Put simply, the products can co-exist, but they are competitive.
As Seagate explains it, their product came from a LAN environment, and ADSM
from mainframe. And that's pretty much true. But they will backup the same
environments to the same environments (ADSM will backup to more)
If Backup Exec is already in place in a LAN and everybody's happy no change
required. ADSM appears as a tape auto loader and manages the rest of the
backup/restore. So you can implement ADSM even after Backup Exec is in
place, for a truly centrally administered system (if you want it) for
multiple servers.
The bad news: ADSM does, at the LAN level, what Backup Exec does, so they
are still competitive products.
For whatever this was worth...
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