Re: Cleaning up problems

1997-12-19 16:38:24
Subject: Re: Cleaning up problems
From: "Michael J. Drees" <drees AT BERBEE DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 15:38:24 -0600
Hello Fred,

We ran across the same problem with a 3494 library losing
tapes recently.  The only way we were able to get them back
was to physically remove them from the library and recheck
them in as private (ie., checkin libvol).  In our case, the ADSM database
knew about the volumes, but when issuing the "query libvolume LibName"
command, they did not show up in the volume listing.  Since this
happened we have reduced our mount retention time to 1 minute to
get the tapes out of the drives when finished.  This seemed to do
the trick.  For now at least.


> From: Fred Johanson <fred AT MIDWAY.UCHICAGO DOT EDU>
> From: Fred Johanson <fred AT MIDWAY.UCHICAGO DOT EDU>
> Subject: Cleaning up problems
> Date: Friday, December 19, 1997 12:56 PM
> I'm running v2 on a RISC-6000 with two 3590s in a 3494.  No problems in
> first year of operation until the week of Thanksgiving.  The weekend
> before, the offsite backup of the storagepool for production servers was
> interrupted for special processing.  By the time the process was
> reclamation kicked off, and before it finished (with interruptions), the
> cartridges were sent offsite (the schedule has since been modified).
> Sunday night. the messages:
>        ANR0874E Backup object ##### not found during inventory
>        ANR0865E Expiration processing failed - internal server error.
>        ANR0860E Expiration process  terminated due to internal error.
> made their first appearance in the activity log. I'm not sure there is a
> direst relationship betweent the two , but I started to investigate.  By
> the time the weekend arrived, I had identified the node and the filespace
> that caused the error and tried to delete it.  That generated the
>        ANR0858E Inventory object search failure.  DELETE FILESPACE
> To add to my trouble, the day after Thanksgiving, the power supply on a
> 3590 failed taking the offsite backup and reclamtion with it.  The drive
> was fixed by Monday, but the 3494 was acting flaky aboutit until this
> when it lost the drive altogether and had to be repaired.  Meanwhile,
> cartridges are returned to the library, on schedule, but without going
> reclamation.
> So, now, everything is back on schedule, with all hardware working,
> Inventory Expiration still fails in the same place, and three cartridges,
> which I can see in the silo are lost to ADSM.  All attempts to access
> result in the various messges that the cartridges are not in the library.
> Two questions then for the world:
>        1.  How do I fix the DB (which is about 1.5Gb) so that inventory
> expiration can resume?
>        2.  How can I make my missing cartridges availalbe again?
> Any assistance will be appreciated.
> P.S.:  I never saw an answer to the query earlier this month about MACRO
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