Re[2]: Files seem to be missing??

1997-12-18 10:40:13
Subject: Re[2]: Files seem to be missing??
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 09:40:13 -0600
     Did you remember to activate the policyset after making a change to
     mgmtclass?  This bit me a couple of times.

     Happy Holidays

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Subject: Re: Files seem to be missing??
Author:  David Wilshire <DWILSHIR AT LENSCRAFTERS DOT COM> at ~Internet
Date:    12/18/97 9:08 AM

If your management class is set up properly, when a file is deleted from the
client machine, the file will be deleted from ADSM after 730 days.  Likewise, if
you set up the management class to keep versions, then the old versions will be
kept for the number of days specified by the "Days file exists" paramater, then
deleted, leaving only the version that exists on the client machine.

You might want to make sure the file is bound to the management class you want.
The easiest way is to check the include-exclude file.


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>>> "Mark Brown (CC Operations Supervisor)" <CCMB AT MUSICA.MCGILL DOT CA> 
>>> 12/17 10:03
PM >>>

I have been doing incremental backups for awhile now and I am pretty
sure I have my management classes set up to keep THE ONLY copy for 2

When the incremental backup runs and it EXPIRES a file the file should
remain on the server for 2 years right? The file was deleted on the

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