A macro with background processes?

2015-10-04 18:03:07
Subject: A macro with background processes?
From: Ingo Steller [SMTP:Ingo.Steller AT GECITS-EU DOT COM]

I would like to do something like the following in a macro to be scheduled
as an administrativ command:

checkin library DLT2500 search=yes status=private
delete volhist todate=today-7 type=dbbackup
backup db devclass=DLT type=full vol=BACK01
checkout libvol DLT2500 BACK01 remove=no

The problem is, that 3 out of the four commands will be processed in
backgroud. Therefore, the macro does not work, because I cannot do a backup
db until the volume is checked in.

The reason for this script is to have a databse backup, that will be
checked out of the database done by someone, who does not have to know
something about ADSM. If anyone has a solution for this problem instead for
the script above, I would ike to hear about this too.

Gruesse - Best regards

Ingo Steller
CompuNet Essen

Severinstrasse 42, 45127 Essen, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)201/2012-291, Fax: +49 (0)201/2012-230,
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