Copy Pools

2015-10-04 18:03:07
Subject: Copy Pools
From: Robert C. LaLonde [SMTP:lalonde AT CORP.RIVERWOOD DOT COM]
Hello, I have two ADSM servers, each with data on them.  We are trying to
phase one out and move all data to the new production.  There is only one
node with data (81 gig).  If I export and then import that data, the
filesystems are renamed, because this node is already using the new
server.  I want to move the data, but not have it in a renamed filesystem.

In order to do this I made a copy pool.  I then took this to the new
server and defined one of the volumes.  The volumes shows at 0% full and
an audit volume on it shows no data.  How could I use the copy pool in
the new ADSM server?

  Thanks for your help.

  -Rob LaLonde
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