Re: manual 3570 tape mounts

1997-12-17 12:25:49
Subject: Re: manual 3570 tape mounts
From: Ingo Steller <Ingo.Steller AT GECITS-EU DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 18:25:49 +0100

the 3570 has three modes to be run in:


As far as I know, you have to run the 3570 in random mode, to be able to
use it togetehr with ADSM. I have been not able to define the library in
ADSM without putting it into random mode. You can test this using the
utility tapeutil, which is installed together with the Magstar drivers
(Atape.....). If you are able to load from tapeutil a tape into the picker
and then into the drive and also to put it back where it came from, then
you are running the Library in random mode. You can check and switch the
mode using the front panel at the library.


          Ingo Steller.

acourcha AT CSC DOT COM on 16.12.97 16:44:44

Please respond to ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU

cc:      (bcc: Ingo Steller/Essen/GECITS-EU)
Subject:  manual 3570 tape mounts


Hi all,
     Is there a way to manual mount a 3570 tape? I issued the following
and received /dev/rmt3  0403-005 cannot create the specified file
find ./file -print | cpio -ocvB > /dev/rmt0    this worked for the 4mm
find ./file -print | cpio -ocvB > /dev/rmt3    will not work (or any other
device name associated with the lsdev command)
ie lsdev -Cc tape  outour is:
rmt0 Available 00-00-0S-6,0  5.0 GB 8mm Tape Drive
rmt1 Defined   00-02-01-11,0 IBM 3490F Tape Drive and Medium Changer
rmt2 Defined   00-02-01-11,0 Other SCSI Tape Drive
rmt3 Available 00-01-01-1,0  IBM Magstar MP Tape Subsystem
rmt4 Available 00-01-01-2,0  IBM Magstar MP Tape Subsystem
mt0  Available 00-01-01-1,0  ADSM Tape Drive
mt1  Available 00-01-01-2,0  ADSM Tape Drive

        Gruesse - Best regards

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