ADSM V3 NT client.

1997-12-16 15:04:05
Subject: ADSM V3 NT client.
From: Donald Ludwig <Don.Ludwig AT CCMAIL.FINGERHUT DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 14:04:05 -0600
     Hello,,,We are beginning some Version 3 client conversions and I
     have a couple of questions.

     1.) To install the ADSM Scheduler NT Services function you have to
     issue this big long DMSCUTIL command.  What happened to the ICON.

     2.) When looking at the DSMSCHED.LOG file why don't I see what
     files ADSM backedup?  My quess is a parameter is not set propery
     and it only notifies me of failures.

     3.)  I have a drive that is local to the client and it is not
     getting backed up even when a domain statement is place in the
     dsm.opt.  It only backs up the C: drive.

     Any assistence would be helpful.  Thanks!!
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