AS400 ADSM 6534

1997-12-16 10:35:50
Subject: AS400 ADSM 6534
From: "Rodney S. Richeson" <rricheson AT AMXINC DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 07:35:50 -0800
Anyone trying to use a new 6xx series with a 6534 IOP card, stop pulling
your hair out, it doesn't work right now.  I have just spent 16 hours
with support line and they have concluded the new 6534 doesn't do the
wrkhdwrsc like before.  They have a work around but it wpn't be ready
for a day or two.

Rod Richeson
AMX Systems, Inc.
rricheson AT amxinc DOT com
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