manual 3570 tape mounts

1997-12-16 10:32:44
Subject: manual 3570 tape mounts
From: Ann Courchaine <acourcha AT CSC DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 10:32:44 -0500
Hi all,
     Is there a way to manual mount a 3570 tape? I issued the following
find ./file -print | cpio -ocvB > /dev/rmt0    this worked for the 4mm
find ./file -print | cpio -ocvB > /dev/rmt3    will not work (or any other
device name associated with the lsdev command)

ie lsdev -Cc tape  outour is:
rmt0 Available 00-00-0S-6,0  5.0 GB 8mm Tape Drive
rmt1 Defined   00-02-01-11,0 IBM 3490F Tape Drive and Medium Changer
rmt2 Defined   00-02-01-11,0 Other SCSI Tape Drive
rmt3 Available 00-01-01-1,0  IBM Magstar MP Tape Subsystem
rmt4 Available 00-01-01-2,0  IBM Magstar MP Tape Subsystem
mt0  Available 00-01-01-1,0  ADSM Tape Drive
mt1  Available 00-01-01-2,0  ADSM Tape Drive
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