Re: Database backups with ADSM

1997-12-16 09:38:07
Subject: Re: Database backups with ADSM
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 09:38:07 -0500
We use different nodes for each database instance we backup with ADSM, plus
a different node for the other system files.  We do not use include/exclude
to restrict what gets backed up, but rather specify the filesystems we want
to backup with separate domains for each node.  By doing the backups this
way, it makes it easy to have different policy sets for database backups
vs. user and system files, and allows us to do non-database backups while
the database is still running.  It also makes it simpler to move the
databases between servers when needed, like to move a development database
from a test server onto a production server.  (If you're going to do this,
you need to be sure the UIDs and GIDs on the 2 servers are the same for
each userid and group owning the database files on both systems.  It gets
ugly otherwise!)

Hope this helps,

 Bonnie Lynch                        WVNET
 bonnie AT wvnvm.wvnet DOT edu              Morgantown, WV

>Date:    Mon, 15 Dec 1997 12:35:34 -0600
>From:    "Buechler, Becky" <buechler AT KCC DOT COM>
>Subject: Database backups with ADSM

>One of my questions is how do you run an incremental backup to point to
>another dsm.inclexcl file? I want to continue to run my normal backup of
>this system excluding all database files so I need to put the excludes
>in the dsm.inclexcl file. If I do this and then try to do the backup
>script for the database files it won't look at those excluded files.
>Also I would like to know if anyone decided to use two separate nodes
>for this kind of backup and why? I am interested in anyone's experience
>with doing these types of backups for databases not yet fully supported
>by ADSM directly.

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