1997-12-15 06:41:23
Subject: Netware-V3-Client
From: Matthias Brasch <M_Brasch AT COMPUSERVE DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 06:41:23 -0500
Hi ADSM'ers,
I've already switched my ADSM-Server ( MVS ) to version 3 and now I'm
all my clients to the newest Version.
I'm running IP21168 with my Netware-Clients an have the following problem:
At night I run an scheduled query to get a list of files that were backed
up for
the Netware-servers. I'm using the 'CLIB_OPT'-option to get the result in
an file.
Under version2 Client this works without problems. Now in version 3 it runs
but when the query has finished I've got an message on my Netware-console
( '<Press any key to close screen>'). 
So every morning I've to switch trough the Netware-Console an 'press any
( Netware Server is Intranetware4.11 )
This didn't occur with version 2 clients .

What can I do ??

best regards,
Matthias Brasch, HEW-Hamburg Germany, m_brasch AT compuserve DOT com
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