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1997-12-14 09:44:24
From: Longshot <longshot AT CYBERRAMP DOT NET>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 08:44:24 -0600
>I am restoring from an OS/2  V3 client.  I'm getting a message worded  like
>I've not seen before with V2:
>--- User Action is Required ---
>File 'x:\mis\rsomoves\cin1d1c1\DATA\PC-INDEX.SAM' is write protected
>Select an appropriate action
>  1. Force an overwrite for this object
>  2. Force an overwrite on all objects that are write protected
>  3. Skip this object
>  4. Skip all objects that are write protected
>  A. Abort this operation
>Action [1,2,3,4,A] :
>When I choose 1 or 2, it pops back up with the same file name, same error.
>  When I choose 3,
>it skips it and goes on.  It will do 4 or 5 more files, then pops up like
>this again.  The target directory
>was just created by this restore, it was empty and not write-protected.
>Even so, I don't understand
>why choosing 1 or 2 consistently doesn't work.
>Has anyone else seen this?
>I tried restoring from another OS/2 client to a different directory, same
>problem on every few files... had
>to skip them.

HA!  I knew if I stayed up long enough I'd find the darn thing!

Julie, what you're seeing is a client option (dsm.opt) called "Replace".
Query Option Replace will show you its setting.  It can be set to Yes|No|Prompt|
All.  Its default is Prompt.  The option is meant to handle collisions on
restores/retrieves.  If you choose "All", it will do what you appear to be
looking to do, which I believe is force an overwrite on any object without
prompting.  That is, it will unless there's an issue you may have with
write-protected files, as you appear to be having with the prompted overwrite.

Hope this helps, and Merry Xmas!



PS - NOW I can sleep with a clear conscience!  ;)
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