Re: Stg Pool Delete

1997-12-14 09:44:09
Subject: Re: Stg Pool Delete
From: Longshot <longshot AT CYBERRAMP DOT NET>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 08:44:09 -0600
>From: Joe N. Oliver, B-284, Eastman Chemicals, Kingsport, Tn. 37662
>Subject: Stg Pool Delete
>I need to delete a storage pool consisting of more than 3400 cartridges.
>Does anyony know if this can be done without first deleting the volumes?
>This will be a lengthy process if not.

Terribly sorry, sir.  In previous replies, I see that you have been answered
in reference to whether you have to delete the volumes in order to delete
the storage pool.  Another (Kelly Lipp?) mentioned a time-saving way to delete
multiple volumes through the GUI.

When I found in my reading that in order to delete the stgpools you have to
delete the volumes, my thinking was along similar lines, ie. how to save
time deleting the volumes.  Unfortunately, at least according to the NT V3
Admin Ref and the OS/2 V2 Admin Guide, there appears to be no way in ADSM
to wildcard the volume names in Delete Volume, at least on the cmd line.  The
GUI multiple volume deletion may work for you, and of course many OS cmdline
scripts can bang out the verbosity for you, but in looking I stumbled across
a caveat:

P. 169, V2 OS/2 Admin Guide, "Deleting Storage Pool Volumes":

"NOTE:  If you are deleting many volumes, it is recommended that you delete the
volumes one at a time.  Concurrently deleting many volumes can adversely affect
server performance."

Just a warning to prepare for this to possibly occur if you decide to chance
multiple volume deletion.  Of course, your mileage may vary.  You may wish to
consult the equivalent section of the Admin Guide for your platform's specifics
(you didn't mention your platform, sorry).

Good luck, and Merry Xmas, everybody!

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