Re: Moving data to tape.

1997-12-12 09:54:40
Subject: Re: Moving data to tape.
From: Tricia Jiang <tricia AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 09:54:40 -0500
Hi Kenneth,

  1. When you say that some of it did not migrate, what number are you looking
at?  I
       If you are doing a 'q stgpool' you should be looking at the %Migr and
not the %Util.
      The %Util might be different from the %Migr if you have caching enabled.
     The %Migr is the number you should be looking at, as this tell how much
information is in the storagepool that is actually candidate to migrate.

 2. If it is the %Migr that is still showing data, then did you receive any
errors in the actlog? 'q actlog'
      - it's possible that you are out of scratch storage tapes    'q libvol'
         or that you are having drive or library problems that are preventing
the migrations from completing.

  Regards,   Tricia Jiang
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