Re: What TCP Port does ADSM use?

1997-12-11 11:18:13
Subject: Re: What TCP Port does ADSM use?
From: Dan Giles <Dan_Giles AT MANULIFE DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 11:18:13 -0500
Be carefull with this. You need to know how ip sockets work. By default, the
server socket number is 1500, and the clients' is 1501. But this is only for the
original connection to the target machine. That is, these are listening ports
only. Let's just look at the client connecting to the server.

When the client tries to connect to the server, it will connect to the servers'
port 1500, but it will select a random port number for its outgoing call (say,
973). This port is assigned by the tcp/ip software running on the client. Once
connected, the server will fork another process with its own port number to
continue conversing with the client. If this didn't happen, then only one client
would ever be able to open a session with the server at any given time.

Clear as mud?

From: John Groves <jmg AT OPENMIC DOT COM> on 11/30/97 04:27 PM GMT

Please respond to jmg AT openmic DOT com

cc:    (bcc: ADSM)
Subject:  What TCP Port does ADSM use?

We need to enable certain remote client connections to an ADSM server
through a firewall.  Does anybody know what port(s) must be enabled to
allow ADSM clients to connect to the server?
John Groves
jmg AT openmic DOT com
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