Re: NT SQL Connect Agent

1997-12-11 17:13:32
Subject: Re: NT SQL Connect Agent
From: Julianna Walter <Julie.Walter AT UALBERTA DOT CA>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 15:13:32 -0700
I'm stumped and hoping someone can help me out here.

I had ADSM running fine on a winnt35 machine acting as a server.  The name
of the machine changed, moved locations to another building and is being
accessed through Timbukto.
Once all these changes were made of course things stopped working.
I changed the nodename on ADSM, that's fine.
I did all the usual starting and stopping of the Services tricks, didn't
work, infact the Services installation finds the
c:\win32app\ibm\adsm\baclient path but once I select "Y" to say that it is
the correct destination it says "The system cannot find the path specified".
I thought maybe things got wacky with all the moves and decided to start
from scratch.  Removed everything and downloaded the client again.  When I
tried to do the installation, wierd thing #1: When it went to extract, it
could not find the file that uncompresses all the files. This
file usually resides in the C:\TEMP directory, hence ADSM would not
install...instead I did a search and found it in the C:\Winnt35\Tempex.dir
directory???  I moved the file into the C:\temp directory and everything
extracted and installed.  Wierd thing #2:
I proceeded to see if I could get a connection to the ADSM
server, works fine with the new name.  However, the Schedule Service
Installation is still having the same problem, it can't access the
c:\winn32app\ibm\adsm\baclient directory.  I tried installing it into
different directories, and running it again, it picks up the change right
away but as soon as I go to confirm it's the proper directory it still
comes back and says it cannot find the path specified.  How can this be
when it just told me it found the correct path and all I'm doing is
agreeing with it?  I even tried responding NO and typing it in, still to no
avail.  Why can it not access this path?

Someone please enlighten me, I've done all the creative thinking I can do.
Could it be because I'm doing this over Timbukto?  Other software has been
installed through it.

Thank You Ever So Much,

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