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2015-10-04 18:03:07
We are evaluating the ADSM SQL Connect Agent (V1.1) on NT.  This is being used 
in conjunction with ADSM V3.1.0.1 (client and server) on Windows NT V4 servers.

We can backup and restore from full SQL database backups however, restoring 
from the transaction logs appears to be problematic.

The situation is thus:-

I perform a full backup (with the "truncate log after backup" option selected). 
 I then add a record to the backed up database and perform a transaction log 
backup (with the "do not truncate" option selected - this operation fails if 
this option is not selected).  Both these operations appear to work OK.

In the restore window, the display is as follows:-

testpubs                DB      12/11/1997              16:48:17
   testpubs     LOG     12/11/1997              16:51:25

To test the recovery, I drop the testpubs database from the SQL server and then 
proceed to recreate the database using the correct database/log device sizes as 
explained in the "ADSMConnect Agent for Microsoft SQL Server" documentation.

Restoring the database from the full backup works fine, however whenever I 
attempt to then restore the transaction log (with the one additional record) I 
always get the following error:-

Error: SQL Sevrer Errors encountered DB-LIB Message: Specified file 
'\\.\pipe\sqladsm\1997165720\2510' is out of sequence. Current time stamp is 
Dec 11 1997 3:13 PM while dump was from Dec 11 1997 4:48 PM.

This just doesn't make sense to me - can anybody shed any light on this please?



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