ADSM Webshell

1997-12-11 10:01:14
Subject: ADSM Webshell
From: "Smith, Richard" <smithrr AT MARITZ DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 09:01:14 -0600
        I am having a problem getting the webshell to work.  I've
recently installed the version 3 client on my machine, and we will be
installing the version 3 server very soon.  When I execute the dos
executable It tells me bad command or file name, then tells me listening
on port 2121, url is http://yourmachinename:2121/webshell.  When I try
to get to the webshell through Netscape it say there is no data on form.
I've tried changing the port to 1501 and I still get the bad command or
file name, only when I try to get there through Netscape, It just sits
there saying Smithrr:1501 contacted... Waiting for reply, and never
comes in.  Any help would be appreciated.

Rick Smith
Maritz, Inc.
Storage & Security Administration
smithrr AT maritz DOT com
(314) 827-1584
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