Re: Lotus Notes Agent

1997-12-10 09:57:13
Subject: Re: Lotus Notes Agent
From: Cindy Cannam <CCannam AT GENAM DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 08:57:13 -0600
Cyndie (IBM, San Jose):

I've forwarded the info you've written below to the Notes Admin folks here
--- they've expressed concerns about the "incremental forever" concept in
the Notes environment --- they wanted to understand that after the first
the Notes environment --- they wanted to understand that after the first
backup (which is anticipated as requiring a significantly long backup time)
that any other FULL backup would be unnecessary, i.e., that all subsequent
incrementals would be sufficient through the Connect Agent for restore. Is
there something more that I can tell them to allay their "fears" concerning
this issue? It would make my life a lot easier if they felt warm and fuzzy
about the methodologies I plan to use with the Connect Agent.


Storage Management
GENAM, St. Louis, MO

Cyndie Behrens <cbehrens AT VNET.IBM DOT COM> on 12/09/97 07:34:25 PM

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cc:    (bcc: Cindy Cannam)
Subject:  Re: Lotus Notes Agent

>I have run the agent in a different configuration (AIX ADSM Server, OS/2
>clients), and the performance was pretty bad.  The backup time got to be
>long, bad enough that we discontinued using the agent as backups were
>into the next working day.
>Your results may vary, but I would suggest testing it out before putting
>into production.
>Nick Cassimatis
>Distributed Storage Management Team
>T/L 444-7302
Nick, I'd like to understand your performance concern.  The agent should
definitely reduce your backup time because it is incremental....only
up the notes/docs that have changed.  So the amount of data you are backing
up daily should be substantially reduced.
The first time you run the backup with the agent, it will take a long time
because it is backing up every note/ is breaking up the databases
into individual notes/docs/forms/views.  But after this first time, the
rest is incremental forever with the never do a full backup
with the agent again.
Cyndie Behrens (IBM San Jose)
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