Tuning tips?

1997-12-10 07:47:42
Subject: Tuning tips?
From: "McGrew, Perry" <pmcgrew AT AGWAY DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 07:47:42 -0500
We've just installed ADSM/MVS 3.1 on our TCP/IP 3.2 Ethernet network
over ATM (LANE) backbone.  We have the lastest ADSM 3.x client code on
our HP-UX 10.2 & IBM AIX 4.3 servers.
In the dsmsched.log I am seeing:
Network data transfer rate:        1,772.97 KB/sec
Aggregate data transfer rate:      1,468.25 KB/sec
We do not have ADSM compression turned on as we are using hardware
compression on our 3494/3590 MagStar tape drives.
Our TCPIP/MVS 3.2, the  LARGEDATABUFFERPOOLSIZE is set to 32768.
In the HP / AIX Clients' the dsm.sys parameters are:
   TCPWindowsize      64
   TCPBuffsize             32
   TXNBytelimit       2048
Any help in identifying critical tuning points will be appreciated!
Perry McGrew
Agway Inc.
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