Re: nt adsm backup

1997-12-10 05:58:15
Subject: Re: nt adsm backup
From: John Jorgensen <jjorgensen AT CALIBERSYS DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 06:58:15 -0400

We back up our NT servers with ADSM scheduler but don't use the Windows/NT
scheduler. We do the following:

1.) Install the ADSM client on the server, fix up the DSMOPT file, and
register the
      NT server on the ADSM server.
2.) Have the ADSM administrator set up a schedule within ADSM to backup the
3.) Select the "Install ADSM scheduler" in the ADSM group on the client
(the server
you want to back up.) Follow the instruction and take what you get. The
ADSM scheduler
should install as a Winnt service and come up whenever the machine is
booted. You
don't want anyone logged on the server when the backup occurs.

The foollowing commands in the dsm.opt file willl be helpful:

SCHEDMODe       PRompted
* LOG Retentions
errorlogretention 14 D
schedlogretention 14 D

Good luck

John Jorgensen

William Ball <wball AT KENT DOT EDU> on 12/09/97 03:59:16 PM

Please respond to ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU

cc:    (bcc: John Jorgensen/CTI/Caliber)
Subject:  nt adsm backup

We've got an NT server here that we've been trying to get on a regular
backup for over a month. The user signs off the NT console so it
shutsdown the normal ADSM scheduler interface. We're trying to use the
NT scheduling piece to contact ADSM when it's time for the backup but
don't know enough about NT operation (and neither does the end user) to
make it happen.

Is anyone using the NT scheduling piece that can give us the syntax to
get the backup scheduled? Where is (if it is) the command(s) documented.

TIA for any help.

    Bill Ball
    Bill Ball

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