Re: nt adsm backup

1997-12-09 18:43:42
Subject: Re: nt adsm backup
From: Pete Tanenhaus <tanenhau AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 18:43:42 -0500
The preferred method is to run the ADSM Scheduler Service client.  The service
can be configured to start at system boot time as the local system account and
will run in the background regardless of whether or not a user is logged into
the server. For version 2 clients the service is installed/configured via the
dsmcsvci utility. For version 3 clients the service is installed/configured via
the dsmcutil utility.

In addition, the NT scheduler (AT command or similar interface) can be used to
schedule the ADSM command line client to run in the background as long as the
RunAsService flag is set to yes (this prevents NT from terminating the command
line client process if it was started from an interactive account when the
account logs off).

Hope this helps ......

Pete Tanenhaus
ADSM NT Client Development
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