1997-12-09 08:37:00
Subject: performance
From: "Fluker, Tom R" <Tom.Fluker AT VIASYSTEMS DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 08:37:00 -0500
In pursuit of improving performance on my RS-6000 (J40) with SSA disks
I've been contemplating some reconfiguration of the disks:

In talking with the ADSM help line they indicated that if the database
is located on multiple physical devices then sequential database
searches (for wildcard restores) would run in parallel on the multiple
devices.  This would make one think that creating dbvolumes on multiple
disks is a VERY good idea.  Has anyone had any experience with this?  Is
that a valid assumption?

The reconfiguration that I'm contemplating will put mirrored dbvolumes
in the "center" of the SSA disks with storage pools defined on the
outside of each disk.  Does this seem reasonable?

Thanks, in advance, for any insight anyone may have here.

Tom Fluker
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