AIX client with SYBASE databases

1997-12-07 01:20:44
Subject: AIX client with SYBASE databases
From: David Meade <dmeade AT NETCOM DOT COM>
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 22:20:44 -0800
Greetings, first some history, I'm a mvs sysprog who is also the
ADSM/MVS person. Our AIX body just quit and joy-joy I was "voluntered"
to assume all the AIX responsibilities. My unix experience is limited
to keeping my ISP shell account going. That's the history.

Well, all of this has finally convinced management that it's time
to start backing up the AIX boxes to ADSM.

What really concerns me are the SYBASE databases. Does anyone have any
experience doing this? Suggestions, problems, and/or insights.



 David Meade
 David Meade
 Oakland, CA
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