V2 client issue - anyone seen this before?

1997-12-05 15:14:00
Subject: V2 client issue - anyone seen this before?
From: "Alexander, Robert" <ralexander AT SHL DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 14:14:00 -0600
Hi list! I have a perplexing little problem that has recently shown up
on our HPUX boxes running ADSM.
The server is  and the clients are (all platforms are
HPUX 10.20)

Recently, when running an incremental against directories /usr, /var,
and /users  we get a message:
  Server Version 2, Release 6, Level 0.16
  Data compression forced on by the server
  Server date/time: 12/05/1997 13:40:46   Last access: 12/05/1997

Incremental backup of file system: '/var'
ANS4245E Format unknown

Total number of objects inspected:        0
Total number of objects backed up:        0
Total number of objects updated:          0
Total number of objects rebound:          0
Total number of objects deleted:          0
Total number of objects failed:           0
Total number of bytes transferred:        0
Elapsed processing time:            0:00:55

Has anyone any idea as to why this is occurring? We have run successful
incrementals against these directories just fine every
day up until a week or so ago.   I checked the online help for this
message and it states that the file format is unknown!? It is a mounted
directory...  Anyway, all of our disks are LVM partitions and all of the
system filesystems (/, /usr, /var, /opt, /tmp) are vxfs (the basic vxfs
implementation provided by HP).  All other vxfs filesystems work just
fine, so that *shouldn't* be the problem... Any ideas?

How about any IBMers?? You seen this before?

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks in Advance!

 -Rob Alexander
ralexander AT shl DOT com
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