Re: ADSMConnect Agent fro SQL Server

1997-12-05 13:57:08
Subject: Re: ADSMConnect Agent fro SQL Server
From: Del Hoobler <hoobler AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 13:57:08 -0500

Actually, the first response to this append is not correct.  You can run any
of command you want from the scheduler as long as the schedule is defined

In fact, this exact procedure was tested prior to GA.  There was a problem
with the GA level of the version 3 BASE client having to do with ACTION=COMMAND
schedules, so if you are running the V3 client scheduler you need to make sure
have the latest PTF for the BASE C3 client applied.
After doing so, some other things to check...

   - the "script" file is in a path that the NT service can access
      (network drives don't work)
      (try specifying a complete path of a local drive)
   -  try a simple script like an echo to a file to see if it works

If you are still having problems please call IBM ADSM support.


Del Hoobler
ADSM Agent Development

|| I haven't worked with the connect agent, so this might not apply to the
|| script that you are
|| trying to run, but the ADSM scheduler is designed to run ADSM commands,
|| and doesn't work
|| with other system scripts or batch file. You might try running the sql
|| script from window AT
|| scheduler.

Malkit Hayun wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installed the ADSMConnect agent for SQL server, and tried to
> create a schedule to run automaticly the SQL server backups.
> Since the Nt I'm working on is being backed up it self - I installed the
> scheduler program twice as a service - One for the NT machine and the
> second for the SQL server.
> I created a script that contains 'sqldsmc' commands for backing up.
> When I am tring to run that script from the command line - The SQL
> Server is being backed up pefectly! However - when I try to run this
> script from the schedule I created ( In the ADSM Admin GUI) - it allways
> ends with the status of - FAILED - meaning , as I comprehend it, that
> ADSM wasn't able to run that script.
> What should I do about it???
> Thank You,
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