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2015-10-04 18:03:06
We are backing up Novell 3.12 servers using the AS/400 as our ADSM server.  I keep getting the message:
12/05/1997 00:14:53 ANS4228E Sending of object 'MAIN\VOL2:/PCSRVS/MARKD/ZIP/AV251B/EICAR.COM' failed
12/05/1997 00:14:53 ANS4090E Access to the specified file or directory is denied
I asked the person who's directory this is coming from about the file.  He told me "it is a test file that looks like a virus. It is locked from the last weekly scan.  Any infected file on the net work would do this until it was disinfected."
ADSM seems to stop backing up when it hits this file.  I've got two volumes in the schedule and this file is on the first volume listed.  The first volume finishes but the second volume never does.  When I look to see if any data is being sent from the node in the morning, no data is.
Any one encountered anything like this before?
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