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2015-10-04 18:03:06
        We experienced a file create (just creating empty files through a
     script) rate of 10/sec on an HP 420:

     uname -a output:

     HP-UX svba0005 B.10.20 A 9000/800 494586331 two-user license

        The file system is VxFS.

        ANY help would be appreciated!

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Subject: Re: UNIX File-Create Performance
Author:  stuckey (stuckey AT jaka.ece.uiuc DOT edu)
Date:    12/3/97 4:53 PM

In uiuc.mlist.adsm you write:
>        We have experienced maximum file create performance of 10 files/sec
>     on a UNIX file system.  As I understand it, there may be ways of
>     boosting this rate by tuning the file system setup (journaling, etc.).
>        I would appreciate any response in this area as we have a VERY
>     large number of files in some of our file systems.  It seems plain
>     that no matter how well ADSM might perform, this bottleneck would be a
>     severely limiting factor.
>        Thanks in advance.

        I don't know if my last message got sent.

        What are you doing in what type of setup?  Mirroring and other
technologies tend to slowthings like this down, but I can get 50 files
per second out of a dorky little shell script on a very moderate AIX PPC
machine. (166 Mhz, if I remember correctly.)

aokeeffe $ uname -a
AIX okeeffe 1 4 001C9F11E100
okeeffe $ cat mkfiles
# Creates a large number of files.
while [ $filenumber -lt 1000 ]
        echo > $filenumber
okeeffe $ time ./mkfiles

real    0m19.23s
user    0m0.80s
sys     0m2.25s
okeeffe $
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Anthony J. Stuckey                              stuckey AT jaka.ece.uiuc DOT edu
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